Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a CastleStrife token?

There will be a CastleStrife token which can only be earned by playing the game and defeating enemies. The token will never be assigned to employees, sold to investors, or offered through pre-sales. The token will be available after the global game launch, as an in-game resource.

How do I download the game and start playing?

The game is currently only available for Early Access Pass holders. Read more on how to redeem your pass and download the game here.

What blockchain is CastleStrife built on?

Under Time is built on the Polygon blockchain. However, we use our proprietary "Vault" technology to circumvent the lackluster user experience and high costs of Ethereum.

When is the global free-to-play launch of CastleStrife?

This info has not been released yet. Stay tuned for more information.

How can I buy CSM and other NFTs?

Read more about how to purchase NFTs in our "Buying CastleStrife NFTs" article.

How do I deposit funds into the CastleStrife Marketplace and complete my KYC?

Marketplace is coming soon...

Do I need CSM to play the game?

CastleStrife is a free-to-play game. No specific items are needed to enjoy the game, and NFTs do not provide a combat advantage.

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